The scoop of this project is to build a new Prep station for raw material quality control. This system enables operators / warehouse keepers / quality control personnel to control the raw material entering the factory. This tool has been developed to achieve a stronger link between suppliers and customers for product security and quality (it can be developed starting from the seeds, raw material and semi-finished products). In the data base one can introduce the products specifications, registers of all suppliers concerning also the audits, their certificates. Additionally delivers data about seedlings, raw material and semi-finished product entrances and exists within the same group (if there are different companies in the group) and communication between all partners in the production chain by means of mail function or other communication tools. This system can work by means of password access, which means a registration is needed.

The benefits of the system are:
• Load cells to capture the raw material crate and the final
good product;
• Reversible preparation table;
• A WIP station for one raw material crate as well as a 45° pitched
crate station with load cells to capture the good product weight
and a hopper with a load cell to capture the waste;
• Knife holder;
• Barcode reader;
• Camera;
• Controlling screen;

Product features:
• Easy to operate;
• Possibility to capture pictures of raw material defects in real time;
• Possibility to send pictures and info to suppliers or others in
real time via mail;
• Accurate weight control;
• Possibility to integrate factory’s raw material quality systems;
• Possibility to calculate in real time the YIELD, WASTE, and
• Possibility to transfer the data to other PC connected to the
system in real time;
• Possibility to realize tables and other functions from the system;
• Possibility to send the data in real time to suppliers and partners;

Progettiamo, sviluppiamo
e realizziamo macchine
e sistemi tecnologicamente
avanzati per la lavorazione
di verdure e ortaggi.

We design, develop,
implement machines
and technologically
advanced systems for
the processing of vegetables.

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