We design and implement innovative and customizable solutions for companies operating in the fresh-cut sector. For decades, we have been the guardians of your products.

"Naddeo, where innovation becomes emotion, and efficiency becomes art. “

About us

The design of our machinery is distinguished by an aesthetic rigour that guarantees the safeguarding of the product, allowing effective cleaning of the machinery, preventing the build-up of bacteria. A design that must not only testify to itself but be testimonial of the quality of the finished product, optimising the customer’s production processes.

«Our genius, your excellence.»

Naddeo machinery combines advanced technology, continuous research and sustainable processes. The presence of a design centre has enabled us to develop a wide range of machines and entire plants, in order to offer the consumer, while respecting the environment, maximum freshness of the finished product and a longer shelf-life.

“From innovation to action, each component fuses for unparalleled performance.”

From the project inception to on-site pre-commissioning and customer deployment, all through a unique and personalized process.

As a complement to the treatment offered to the customer, the flagship service of Naddeo is the after-sales support with telephone assistance, which allows for quick remote troubleshooting and on-site assistance 365 days a year.

Naddeo offers customized on-call and on-site support packages: depending on your needs, the customer can benefit from 24/7 priority assistance.

We also have an extensive logistics area including 4 vertical warehouses capable of providing real-time information on spare parts inventory, enabling us to respond quickly to our customers’ requests. Our logistics and transportation services are able to reach you anywhere in the shortest possible time.



Naddeo machinery is designed with respect for the values of the green revolution, with an increasing focus on environmental sustainability and responsive management of natural resources.


Liters of waters saved


Green Energy